Surfgirl and Kenji at Waverush Beach

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Dark Threads Universe


Protest in the streets of New Grimm City

The Year is 43 SE

Following the Border Wall Bombings, the country is on edge. When cult hero, and Suprahuman vigilante, Sparrowhawk is arrested by the Suprahuman Tactical Action Command, protest break out in the streets of New Grimm City. Meanwhile, across the country, a crashed spaceship starts a runaway forest fire that threatens to kill thousands.

 It has been 43 years since the event that changed everything. An exotic particle ribbon swept out of deep space, irradiated the planet, and killed millions. A few of the survivors were changed, developing superpowers. They would become known as Suprahumans; a new species.


Humanity is, once again, not alone.

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Lanmé Noel is the latest descendent in a line a women granted the power of the loa La Sirene; the Haitian goddess of the sea. While wearing the veve of La Sirene, Lanmé is able to draw on extra-dimensional energies giving her the power to control water and the weather. With the help of her friends Kenji Normura and Kimberly Walker, she adopted the superhero persona of Surfgirl to fight crime. But, the world was less than welcoming.

Now, with a fire threatening to destroy her home, she must face her destiny.

Surfgirl and Papa Legba at the Cosmic Cr
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